Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A big day!

Saturday was a big day for Cooper because we turned his carseat from rear-facing to forward-facing!  Coop will be 31 months on Friday so I feel comfortable with our decision to turn him around.  Everyone told me that he would love it and go crazy with enjoyment but really he's been very indifferent!  We decided to turn him because he's been getting very upset/throwing tantrums for the last week or so when my hubby and I would have talks in the car because he couldn't see us or participate and my bag of toys that I rotate back to him was no longer working.  I'm still a huge extended rear-facing advocate and I think 2 should be people's bare mininums for forward-facing in a car (just MY opinion which I'm entitled to!).  

Here is my big boy forward facing!  He's not allowed to eat in the car but he wanted to hold them so whatever! 

(The goat story is coming, LOL)

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  1. Sounds like you have the same rule I do about food in my car.