Wednesday, May 2, 2012

March for Babies 2012

We participated in the March for Babies walk last Saturday and it was a beautiful walk!   This was our 4th year participating and I will say that I think this was the most family friendly environment than previous walks.  They did a moment of silence followed by a moment of hope and concluded with a moment of joy.  It was really quite touching and I did cry a little...

Our team raised a total of $2,649 and Northside Hospital matches what we raise so our total right now is $5, 298!  We can still collect donations until May 31st so there's still time to donate if you would like to :)

Team Lily Angeline~

He doesn't look thrilled in this pic but I want to show his t-shirt.  It says "Lily's little brother" and brother is done in different colors to signify that he's my rainbow baby...

Yep, he fell asleep being pulled in a wagon so daddy carried him the last mile..

I could never put into words about how grateful that I am to have this little boy.  I love him with everything in me...


  1. He's so happy in that last. And that's my kind of walk: where someone carries me. ;o)

  2. Love that last picture of you & Coop! And such a sweet picture of him asleep on his daddy's shoulder! Just think, next year, I bet he does some of the walking on his own!!