Thursday, May 17, 2012

My walker!

Today, our  Coop's physical therapist stated that he is officially an independent walker!   These are sweet words to my ears!  It's just a joy and a blessing to be able to enjoy this milestone with him!  It truly bothers me to hear people announce that their child is walking and they act as if it's a nuisance...I'm stoked and no one will ever hear me complain!

Here's a quick video of him walking the other day at a local park.  I'm going to throw his walking party in the big white house that you see in the background :)


  1. Best. Video. Ever.

    And excuse this outburst: HELL YEAH!!!!!

  2. Jen, this was an awesome video!! I have been away from blogs for such a long time. I will pop by more often, I promise! <3 Coop!

  3. Seriously. I know he's not my kid. But I sure do love him and honestly, my heart is swelling with joy for you and for him. What a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful milestone!

  4. Yay! That's awesome!!! GO COOP :)

  5. Good job Coop!! I feel the same way as Lori. <3