Friday, July 17, 2009

First MRI

We had our first MRI yesterday to see the current condition of my uterine rupture scar. I've only had one other MRI in the past and it was on my head so just my head and my shoulders had to go into the machine. I had my entire body in the machine for this one and I almost had a panic attack. As soon as he started putting my body into the machine, I was like "whoa, how far are we going into this thing?" And, unfortunately, he still wasn't done with shoving me in there...ugh, I'm not a huge proponent on taking drugs as coping mechanisms, but I could've used a Xanax...

It was 40 minutes of not moving and feeling guilty that Cooper is going to come out deaf (while I had on ear plugs!)...but, this is all about keeping both of us safe and healthy. I have at least 2 more MRIs to go before Cooper makes his entrance. Please, pray that my uterus continues to do its job and stay strong for my little man...


  1. When do you get to know how your scar is? do they tell you that day or do you have to wait? I have never had and MRI so I really don't know these things.

  2. I had an MRI on my head once too, and I remember thinking that I would never do that again without drugs! I can't imagine having my whole body in there! I'm impressed that you didn't actually have a panic attack!

    I also want to know when you find out how everything is. Keep us posted!

  3. Tell me about it Mate! It's horrible... I had it for my neck while I was in terrible pain. (only thing I think would have helped was morfine, seriously) They left me there that felt like forever, I even started calling. Anyway Sweetheart, you are all in my prayers: You, Cooper and your uterus!