Monday, July 27, 2009

Today's appointment

Today, we met with our ob-gyn and reviewed our appointment from Friday that we had with the perinatalogist. He is complete agreement with everything that was discussed, so the plan for the hospitalization at 24 weeks continues along with the hysterectomy.

I've had a few days to digest everything and we had a poignant discussion today about my age and how it must feel to know that this will be our last baby. Most women don't lose their uterus this young, and especially when there will only be one living child (Please God let Cooper get here safely!!!) The good piece of information that I gleaned today was that I will be awake for the c-section and barring any emergencies the c-section as well with the help of an epidural. I joked with my husband that I want to cremate my uterus and spread its ashes somewhere. I won't need hormone therapy because they will be leaving my ovaries, so I get all the PMS symptoms just no period.

Its only been 3 days since we last saw Cooper, but he again looks healthy and perfect. He continues to measure 5 days ahead in growth and weighs a whopping 7 ounces. Doc says that he needs to put on about 3 more pounds and we will be great with the help of the steroids. Its crazy to know that we will have such a small baby, and I've started buying him some preemie onesies. The preemie onesies are just so tiny!!! We got the best shot yet of Cooper's goodies and Daddy took it to work to show his friends :)

I bought Katy Perry's cd yesterday on a whim because I see her everywhere and I have to tell you that she makes me laugh. The lyrics for her songs are mad funny, and right now I need hearty, deep laughs.

We have such a long road ahead of us and thank all of you for your love and support.


  1. Big hugs. I know this has to be so scary for you. You will be fine and so will Cooper. Just keep telling yourself that. And, to answer your question from my blog, nope, not really a UT fan, but I am a Titans fan.

  2. i will be praying!!!:)

  3. Praying awl da thyme! You are in my heart 24/7 - Hugs to you! :)