Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hello Second Trimester!

We are officially in our second trimester and I have to say, overall, that I am feeling better. I have more good mornings now versus bad mornings and the "girls" are hurting less. Those of us in dbml know that entering the second trimester is just a formality, but it does feel good getting out of the "normal" danger zone.

We have ultrasounds every two weeks and the doc is going to try to determine gender on Monday. He feels pretty confident that he can give us an accurate gender prediction as long as Abebe cooperates :) According to everything that I've read on the internet (I know, I know!) a trained professional can tell gender with about 80% accuracy at 14 weeks. So, in my mind, if there is a "hamburger" shall we say than I will be confident that Abebe is a girl. If doc calls boy, than I will wait to be excited because Lily was called a boy until we saw the "hamburger" at the 20 week scan. Anyhow, we shall see...

We stopped at a baby store in our area for the first time yesterday and it was very surreal. We shopped a lot for Lily at this store, and it felt a little strange shopping for a different baby. The store is super cute though with a lot of real trendy items. I saw two great things there that I will have to get before Abebe makes an entrance into the world. One was a breastfeeding cover that was pretty, and get this was called "Hooter Hider." I thought that was hilarious. And, a great sling to carry Abebe in that goes from 5 lbs. to 42 lbs., so we should get a lot of use out of that sling. At first, it looked really complicated to put on but the store owner gave us a personal demonstration and I'm pretty much sold on it.

I will update on Monday's appointment and hopefully will be able to post a good money shot ultrasound picture :)

Have a happy and SAFE fourth of July weekend!


  1. Oh can't wait to hear what you are having! I thought for a long time that Kenner was a girl. until my 14th week and then they said I think boy but I am not committing. and then at 18 weeks sure enough she was a HE!!!

  2. I am so excited! I can't wait to read your blog on Monday... and by the time I do it will be Tuesday here! I have a feeling it's a boy... I don't know why? But a little girl will be super cute too... I am sure Lily knows! Aww take care and enjoy the shopping. Hugs

  3. What kind of sling was it? I'm starting to research them now and there sure are a lot of options! They all look pretty complicated to me -- it sounds like getting a demonstration is the way to go! Good luck at your appointment today!! :o)

  4. Hey, no fair that you get to know before I do :). I hope you do find out. Good luck.