Friday, June 25, 2010

8 AM blood draw

I had to take Cooper to do his blood draw this morning and my thinking was the earlier the better to get it over with and on with our day...and, MAYBE we would both still be in the mood for our weekly playdate...

Ugh, not so much...I took him to a lab in a local children's hospital thinking that they would be more baby friendly and was delighted when the recepitionist asked me if I would like for Coop to have some numbing cream, I couldn't get "YES" out quick enough. So, they put the numbing cream on both arms and kept the cream in place by two huge stickers. The numbing cream took 30 minutes to be effective so we went back to the waiting room to watch cartoons (me not him ;)) and wait our turn. We finally go back to the room and the tech (I don't actually think she was a nurse) proceeds to RIP off the, I know, with some things that it's better to be quick which actually makes it less painful..but, sister did it so ruthlessly that it was all I could do to not RIP her hair out. Cooper proceeded to flip out! He screamed the whole time and I think the numbing cream was an afterthought because the poor baby's arms were bright red from having the stickers ripped off! She didn't even use his other arm (thank goodness) but it took forever for the redness to go away...She drew 7 viles of blood and he screamed the entire time! Again, from the stickers not the actual sticking!

So, needless to say, we are skipping our weekly playgroup today...we came home and I fed him and he is currently in the second hour of a morning nap...poor thing was EXHAUSTED from the screaming which was difficult for me and I was so happy that my hubby came with me because he's good at keeping me in check when my momma bear tendencies creep out!

Now, the official waiting game begins...


  1. Yikes! Poor little guy! I'd need a nap after all of that, too!

  2. ah yes, the numbing cream. Sounds so good in theory but the damn stickers are horrendous! I had a nurse put close to 4 stickers on 4 different sites "just in case" and then we had to peel off all those stickys. Ugh.
    I'm glad it's all over now though. Try not to worry about the results. There's nothing you can do to change them and worrying won't make the answers come sooner! Just TRY to put it out of your mind and focus all your energy on your amazing little man!

  3. Oh....double-edged sword, huh?? Poor guy...I don't blame him for not wanting to socialize much after either!!!

  4. Working in the health industry myself: It beats me when people show no compassion and empathy towards patients let alone little babies. She must have scared him to bits! I get so angry! Wait until she has kids ... maybe that will bring her to her senses. Sorry Jen... and Coops, aunty Mirna will pinch her when I see her... Big hugs.
    Praying for a good outcome. xxx

  5. Ooh, I would have been just as pissed as you were. There was no need for that at all. I'm sorry she did that.

    I hope you get good results. I hate that you have to wait so long for them.