Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rainbow Babies

Every Sunday, our preacher shows a different pic that he has taken on his various travels and today he showed us a picture of a Rainbow Eucalyptus tree (note: this is not his actual pic but a image that I googled to show all of you). The word "rainbow" means so much to me now, much more than before I had my sweet, Cooper...I hear "rainbow" now and I immediately think of a rainbow baby...
To those that aren't a member of the babyloss community (Thank God, if you aren't because this club sucks), a rainbow baby is a baby born after a pregnancy loss or infant death. A rainbow is a symbol of the good things to come after a storm.
I thought of the rainbow babies that I've *seen* born over the last two years. I've watched entire pregnancies unfold before me with women that I've never met in real-life. I've done my happy dance at pregnancy announcements and I've waited with baited breath as I stalked blogs for birth announcements. I've read weekly pregnancy updates and I've prayed when there have been pregnancy concerns. I honestly think of and pray for each and everyone of you as you go through your rainbow baby pregnancies...I adore each rainbow baby in their own unique way and celebrate and oogle over baby photos...
I said a special prayer in church today for those of you that are longing for a rainbow baby, currently pregnant with a rainbow baby, and for those that have been blessed to meet your rainbow baby already. We will always miss our precious ones that were taken home way before we were ready for them to go...and, always wonder why we couldn't have them both (our angel baby and our rainbow baby)...We will always see parts of our angel baby in their brother or sister...I honestly look down at Cooper sometimes and he looks just like Lily...and, at those times, I feel the grace of God because he allows me to see parts of her everyday...
For me, my rainbow baby has given my heart new hope and new love. My heart misses and loves my Lily but I know that I will see her again....which is a promise that I cling to everyday...
Give your rainbow babies a kiss and a hug from me today :)


  1. Oh Jen, this is so sweet. Thank you! And that tree is so cool!

  2. this is such a sweet post......

  3. That's so lovely that my eyes are all teary. Yes, I look for signs of our little fella in D all the time too. Hugs.

  4. This is very sweet, I have teary eyes now as well.

  5. Definitely takes on new meaning...they are such signs of renewal and restoration...never replacement, just restored joy and hope!!!

  6. What a way to put things. I am so with Lori, I like that, renewal and restoration. We are renewing our lives from those hopes that were lost and restoring hope that we sometimes feel is not there. Never can we replace our babies nor would we want to. Awesome!

  7. Jen, I don't think you'll ever know what posts like this mean to me. I'm so nervous about meeting my rainbow baby and trying not to get too worried that I won't. Thank you for sharing the rainbow tree. It's then that I know I'm not so alone in this club.